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About Us

Solcium: a derivative of the Latin word Socius (noun); partner, ally

At Solcium Solar, we believe that solid partnerships are the building blocks behind every success story. By approaching every aspect of our business model with transparency and integrity, we have built a foundation of industry-leading experts and lifelong clients.


Our approach is simple: we listen, educate and collaborate.



Solcium is dedicated to offering our partners the highest-level of non-bias industry education so they are empowered to make the right decision based on their needs, not ours.  

Our Approach


At Solcium Solar, we believe in educating potential clients so they are empowered with the knowledge to make the right decisions for their solar needs. 


Leaving the stale sales gimics behind, Solcium Solar believes this partnership is an ongoing journey together. We are here to help you explore the world of solar.  


Focusing on leading expertise and efficiency, our team will ensure that your system is based off need and practicality.  We will guide you every step of the way to take control of your power. 

Why Choose Solcium Solar?


Your partner from the initial consult throughout the life of your system.


Collaborating with the best in the solar industry.


Our contractors are held to the highest of standards.


Manage your system with our exclusive apps and online tools.


The entire process is streamlined, making it simple for you.


Free training and educational tools available.


The team at Solcium Solar is here to be your ally in the solar industry. We believe in collaborating on best practices while allowing you to drive the decisions.


To us, you are not just a client.

You are a partner.


At Solcium Solar, we're changing the way the world engages with the solar industry. One partnership at a time.

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